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Work space

Work space

I had some time while waiting for our flights last week, and got lost in Pinterest. I realized that many of the work spaces I’d pinned were built-in & compact. When we got back, I gave Travis my chair/desk (he’s been wanting something in his room) and made my office into a guest room. We have lots of relatives we’d love to host and it will be great to have it ready for them, or just have a quiet place to read downstairs.

Here’s my new and more compact work area now. Love it!



Getting organized for movie night





Every Friday is pizza/movie night around here, and we’ve collected quite a few DVDs over the years. We did have them in cases originally, but that took up too much space. From there, I discarded all the cases and stuck the discs in two large IKEA disc binders. One held kids’ movies, and the other PG and R movies for the grown-ups. That worked…sorta. Discs were in no particular order, special features discs got mistaken for features, and it was a pain trying to locate a specific disc by flipping through all the pages.

I recently came across a blogger who winnowed her DVD collection into an even smaller space and a knocked my socks off with (drum roll, please…) the ALPHABET! I truly wish I could find this blogger to give credit & thank her for the inspiration.

In their original cases, these DVDs would take up approximately 12 feet of shelf space. In the file boxes, it’s only 12″ x 12″ x 6″.

Who else has a recent organizing project to share?

Retaining my clean countertop


I love seeing a clean kitchen counter. Some items have to be handy, like T’s retainer case. It’s not so appetizing to look at, though.

My light bulb solution of the week? Stick on Velcro secures it UNDER the counter at his place. I’m happy not seeing it all the time and he thinks it’s very Ninja!