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Getting organized for movie night





Every Friday is pizza/movie night around here, and we’ve collected quite a few DVDs over the years. We did have them in cases originally, but that took up too much space. From there, I discarded all the cases and stuck the discs in two large IKEA disc binders. One held kids’ movies, and the other PG and R movies for the grown-ups. That worked…sorta. Discs were in no particular order, special features discs got mistaken for features, and it was a pain trying to locate a specific disc by flipping through all the pages.

I recently came across a blogger who winnowed her DVD collection into an even smaller space and a knocked my socks off with (drum roll, please…) the ALPHABET! I truly wish I could find this blogger to give credit & thank her for the inspiration.

In their original cases, these DVDs would take up approximately 12 feet of shelf space. In the file boxes, it’s only 12″ x 12″ x 6″.

Who else has a recent organizing project to share?