Midnight visitor


No photo to attach to this post, but I had to mention it.

Saturday night, we all turned in early at our campsite. Around midnight, some other campers came home from their bar trip and woke us up. I thought I should make a run to the latrine before trying to fall back to sleep, so I quietly walked out and took care of business. It was a full moon, so I didn’t even use my flashlight for most of the walk.

When I got back to our campsite, I grabbed my water bottle and sat down on the picnic table bench to have a sip before heading back to my sleeping bag. As I sat there, I saw a skunk come around from the back of our tent and head straight for me. It stopped at my feet, and sniffed my ankles. Much as I wanted to jump up and run, I sat stock-still and let it sniff me. I felt skunk whiskers, it was THAT CLOSE. After a couple of sniffs, it wandered under our table, and sat down to inspect a forgotten Hershey’s wrapper. After what seemed like an eternity, it continued on to the space where my van was parked. When it was just under the van, I darted back inside our tent and zipped the door shut. Lucky for me, I saw it first, and didn’t scare it. I don’t think the guys would have let me back into the tent, and they certainly would not have wanted to share a ride home with me if I’d been sprayed!

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