Epiphany 48


(or, things I probably should have learned in the 47 years before this one)

I can do anything for a few minutes, even things I thought I was bad at/hated/dreaded.

I recently decided that since tennis elbow was stealing my buzz on the courts, I had to come up with another activity to get some exercise and stay/get in shape. My criteria were: free or cheap (no gym membership/no gym guilt), close to home, could be done alone (no, not THAT!), and easy to start. Just after I’d come up with this mental list, I saw a couple of friends running on the path around our neighborhood. Well, there ya have it! I downloaded an app to help keep track of interval training for walking/running, and have been enjoying the start of this new adventure.

I think the original attitude I had goes back to middle school and the 600 yard runs we did. I was always last, and felt embarrassed and defeated by the whole thing. Not to mention, the jeers and helpful suggestions from my fellow classmates… ugh.

Turns out, 48 is a perfectly acceptable time to take up something new. And, I don’t care nearly as much about looking silly doing it.


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