My tween has garnered some notice…


We woke up this morning to a new sight: our house has been TP’d. I don’t think we ever experienced that growing up in rural Connecticut. We were just too far out in the woods, and simply not visible enough to make all that work worthwhile (I suppose).

Our neighbors have two boys around our guys’ ages, and they’ve been hit twice in the last few weeks. I wondered how long it was going to be before we were that family, picking wet TP from the trees around our house at 6am, in hopes of beating the lawn sprinklers. They were quite thorough. They even wrapped the extra hose nozzle on the front stoop, and 4 water shoes that had been left out to dry before I could hose off the sand from our last beach trip.

The dogs? Not a peep. I’m cutting kibble rations tomorrow.


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