Monthly Archives: September 2011

I think I’m a Walton in a Hatfield/McCoy world


Recent events have gotten me remembering our wedding day. My matron of honor saw how stressed out I was becoming with all the divorced, remarried and estranged parents running around. She took a couple of the heavy hitters aside for little impromptu chats. “I’m so pleased to see you and your former spouse over there GETTING ALONG SO NICELY TODAY! Our families did not make things easy for my husband and me, and I think that set the stage for our entire relationship. You may know that our divorce will be final next week. So nice chatting with you, though! (sweet smiles and hugs inserted here).”

I know I need to develop a thicker skin myself, but sometimes long for that thicker-skinned, neutral third party to say, “OK, time to move on, people!” In the grand scheme, life is short, and we all want to enjoy ourselves.

How do you handle conflict? Are you an avoider or an active referee?