Insomniac’s stakeout


Being the insomniac that I am, I found myself up at 3:30 am and wandering the house a few months ago. We live near a wooded ravine from which coyotes, deer and the occasional skunk or racoon venture right under our windows. I watched the green belt out the bathroom window on the side of the house for a few minutes before I noticed a small car moving slowly along the neighboring cul-de-sac. Then, a dim flashlight beam began to illuminate front doorways and cars parked in driveways.

We have a generally safe neighborhood, where (luckily) crime does not venture often. At that time, however, there were a few thefts of items from parked cars overnight. Immediately, my attention was up. I watched as the car left that street, and sure enough, it appeared another street over a moment or two later. That was it–that was all I needed to see! I quickly grabbed my camera and moved to a position on the front of our house overlooking our street. If that person was casing my neighborhood, I was going to be ready!

Moments later, I saw the headlights of the small car round the corner onto our street. Poised for action, I got my phone ready to call 911 and alert the troops. I waited… I watched… As the car got closer, I could almost decipher the make and model in the dim, early morning light. Finally, it pulled up next to my van… and the driver tossed our newspaper onto the front step. Coffee, anyone?


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